Educator’s perspective :

Teachers make materials and lectures in various forms like
Single video
Power point presentation
Adobe captivate projects
Interactive web pages
Android applications

After the contents of a topic is integrated across the LMS and cross platform development is over, the educator will launch it in our blog, youtube channel and then publish across the platforms along with inviting the students to preview.

The lecture happens after students gets acquainted with the topic, then questions and answers in the form of interactive micro-teachings happens, to enhance and deepen students understanding for the topic.

Learning management system(LMS) perspective :

As the data is viewed by the students, our operators takes analytics review and logs them in form of reports, then sends these learning materials into archieve sections after the semester is over. The students have unique access to these materials at the time of pre-examination revision from the archieve link of the LMS.

Students also have on demand access to their progress reports from the analyzed databases, and thereafter they can demand personal coaching for the topic they feel having poor understanding and memory retention issues. Grouping of like minded revision topics will promote revision rounds for those topics, and these topics will be shortlisted for immediate update and improvement for next year version updates/developments.