Who are forming the PILLARS of the project ??

  • Subject experts from medical field, specifically those connected with human anatomy and human embryology

  • Animation developers who are developing themselves in the field for opportunities, like undergraduate students of IT field and who are in search of topics for their projects

  • Established stackholders of animation institutes who wants to contribute society for this noble cause can guide the developers wherever they finds difficulties; in conjunction with subject experts 

  • The visionaries who have ultimate goals to revolutionize education field in terms of teaching methodology and ease of extreme two way communication

  • The marketing and media persons who want the real cream to serve to the society who is actually in need of it

  • Resource managers who want to contribute from their routine business, by re-allocating the fund, manpower and people in alignment of the ultimate vision/purpose of the project

  • The people of medical field who wants to ease their own current and upcoming education and also that of the future generations education

  • And many more counting …. !