Education system is rapidly evolving across the globe. Number of successful web portals are growing day by day. Government intends to establish up to one medical college per city in a long run. Government of India has also announced last year, to raise more 10,000 MBBS seats, to add after currently sanctioned 64000, summing up to 74000 (considering four years of MBBS, total students ranges from 2.56 lac to 2.96 lac, same can be applied to BAMS, BHMS etc. courses).

     All these students have no extra time to customize their notes and data.
Medical/paramedical courses are THE LEAST ACTIVE areas in e-learning domain.
E-learning start up can gather multiple hibernated techno-medical teachers and doctors, establish a thorough feedback mechanism into quality education in real time, ultimately improving health care system as a whole, by upgrading next generation of doctors.