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Resources (routine lectures and other materials, updating weekly)

Open learning resources

Human Anatomy subject material for first MBBS students :

Venous and lymphatic drainage of lower limb- ppt- Google drive link

Front & lateral side of leg & dorsum of foot  ppt- Google drive link,     

Anatomy Lectures + material :

Gluteal region- Gross lecture ppt – Google drive link

download offline

Front of thigh- Gross lecture ppt – Google drive link

download offline

Cadaveric care and embalming basics ppt – Google drive link
download offline

Lymphatic system ppt – Download

Nervous system part 1 ppt – Download

Nervous system part 2 ppt – Download

General Radiology basics- ppt- Download

Chest X Ray interpretation (in advanced details)- pdf- Download

Clinical applications of genetics- google drive link- Download

General genetics textbook-  google drive link- Download

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