While reading, students have to imagine various modes of structures at various angles. So it may happen that sometimes they get a wrong idea initially which later on hinders their future fundamentals in that particular topic. A full 3D animation will maintain continuity of the concept and subserve the purpose of actual thing getting grasped.

It is an idea of developing series of 3D animations in computers and mobiles for the subject I am pursuing, that’s HUMAN ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY.

Implications of this work

  • Study and teaching by medical students as a FAST AND QUICK READY REFERENCE
  • Explaining very difficult, complex and much descriptive topics is virtually impossible without a good 3D animation.
  • Research fellows who are busy with their work can use them as a ready test tool on the basis of probability, and they also saves their time for referring various books
  • Creation of public awareness about general knowledge and pre-operative or pre-medical expenses
  • Partial or complete replacement of physical papered books with e-data – saving a lot of trees.
  • quick and customised search of any topic is possible with whole exact place and point of action. Again referring bigger reference books is saved.
  • Surgeons in the operation theatre can run in big LCD screen the virtual steps and can quickly decide live for structures  coming across during surgery.
  • During OPD, doctors can explain patients about disease and treatment more effectively and powerfully to educate patients and relatives.
And many more counting…!


Such a project of animation would require a lot of things like…

  • A perfect planning with timeline
  • Team of professionals involving those people whose fields are benefitted like doctors, media developers, marketing persons, fund raisers and sponsors, a fully dedicated infrastructure and subject
  • Experts to review every steps being developed, and
  • Market review persons to get full public response.
  • And many more counting…..!The idea has been discussed since a long time & I have started talking to persons in field and enrolling people in my vision’s possibilities. You are one of them in the mission while visiting this site.  Kindly hangout…