A to Z List of Common Medical Abbreviation, Acronyms

A to Z List of Common Medical Abbreviation, Acronyms

A to Z List of Common Medical Abbreviation, Acronyms

First understand what is abbreviation ?

  • Abbreviation is short form of a particular word or Phrase (Dr. = Doctor). In Medical field There are many Abbreviation Which are Listed below (A to z Medical Abbreviations)

Why People Can not read Prescription which are writes by Doctor in number or later.

So, this number or later is Medical Abbreviations

Medical Student, Doctor, nursing and other health care professional are commonly use this Medical Abbreviation


A – Medical Abbreviations

AAA : Abdominal aortic aneurysm

Ab : Antibody

ABG : Arterial blood gas

ABPA : Allergic bronchopulmonary asper-

ACBT : Active cycle of breathing technique

ACE : Angiotensin-converting-enzyme

ACT : Activated clotting time

ACTH : Adrenocorticotropic hormone

AD : Autogenic drainage

ADH : Anti-diuretic hormone

ADL : Activities of daily living

A-aDO2 : Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient

ADR : Adverse drug reaction

AE : Air entry

AEA : Above elbow amputation

AF : Atrial fibrillation or a febrile

AFB : Acid fast bacilli

AFO : Ankle foot orthosis

Ag : Antigen

AGN : Acute glomerulonephritis

AHRF : Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure

Ai : Aortic insufficiency

AIDS : Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

AKA : Above knee amputation

AL : Acute leukemia

ALD : Alcoholic liver disease

ALI : Acute lung injury

AMBER : Advance multiple beam equalization radiography

AML : Acute myeloid leukemia

AP : Anteroposterior

APACHE : Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation

A-aPO2 : Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient

ARDS : Acute respiratory distress syndrome

ARF : Acute renal failure

AROM : Active range of movement

AS : Ankylosing spondylitis

ASD : Atrial septal defect

ATN : Acute tubular necrosis

ATPS : Ambient temperature and pressure saturated

AVAS : Absolute visual analog scale

AVF : Arteriovenous fistula

AVR : Aortic valve replacement

AVSD : Atrioventricular septal defect

AXR : Abdominal X-ray


B – Medical Abbreviations

B/slab : Back slab

BCG : Bacille Calmette-Guerin

BDI : Baseline and transition dyspnea index

BE : Bacterial endocarditis/barium enema/base excess

BEA : Below elbow amputation

BiPAP : Bilevel positive airway pre

BKA : Below knee amputation

BM : Blood glucose monitoring

BMi : Body mass index

BO : Bowels open

BP : Blood pressure

BPD : Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

BPF : Bronchopleural fistula

Bpm : Beats per minute

BS : Bowel sound/breath sound

BSA : Body surface area

BSO : Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

BVHF : Bi-ventricular heart failure


C – Medical Abbreviations

C/O : Complains of

C/W : Consistent with

Ca : Carcinoma

CABG : Coronary artery-bypass graft

CAD : Coronary artery disease

CAH : Chronic active hepatitis

CAL : Chronic airflow limitation

CAO : Chronic airways obstruction

CAPD : Continuous arterial venous hemofiltration

CBC : Complete blood cell count

CBD : Common bile duct

CBF : Cerebral blood flow

CCF : Congestive cardiac failure

CCU : Coronary care unit

CDH : Congenital dislocation of hip

CF : Cystic fibrosis

CFA : Cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

CFMS : Cerebral function monitors

CHD : Coronary heart disease

CHF : Chronic heart failure

Ci : Chest infection

CK : Creating kinase

CL : Lung compliance

CLD : Chronic lung disease

CML : Chronic myeloid leukemia

CMV : Controlled mandatory ventilation/cytomegalovirus

CNS : Central nervous system

CO : Carbon monoxide

CO : Cardiac output

CO2 : Carbon dioxide

COAD : Chronic obstructive airways disease

CoP : Completion of plaster

COPD : Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

CP : Cerebral palsy

CPAP : Continuous positive airway pressure

CPM : Continuous passive movement

CPN : Community psychiatric nurse

CPP : Cerebral perfusion pressure

CPR : Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CRF : Chronic renal failure

CRP : C-reactive protein

CRP : Conditioning rehabilitation program

CRQ : Chronic respiratory disease questionnaire

C-section : Cesarean section

CSF : Cerebrospinal fluid

CT : Computed tomography

CVA : Cerebrovascular accident

CVI : Cerebrovascular incident

CVP : Central venous pressure

CVS : Cardiovascular system

CVVHF : Continuous veno-venous hemofiltration

CXR : Chest X-rays


D – Medical Abbreviations

D and C : Dilation and curettage

D/C : Discharge

D/W : Discussed with

DBE : Deep breathing exercises

DDD : Degenerative disc disease

DDH : Developmental dysplasia of the hips

DH : Drug history

DHS : Dynamic hip screw

DIB : Difficulty in breathing

DIC : Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy

DIOS : Distal intestinal obstruction syndrome

DISH : Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

Dl : Deciliter

DLCO : Diffusing capacity for carbonmonoxide

DM : Diabetes mellitus

DMARD : Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug

DMD : Duchenne muscular dystrophy

DN : District nurse

DNA : Deoxyribonucleic acid/did not attend

DOA : Dead on arrival/date of admission

DSA : Digital subtraction angiography

DTs : Delirium tremens

DU : Duodenal ulcer

DVT : Deep vein thrombosis

DXT : Deep X-ray therapy


E – Medical Abbreviations

EBV : Epstein-barr virus

ECCO2R : Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal

ECG : Electrocardiogram

ECMO : Extracorporeal
membrane oxygenation

EECP : Enhanced external counter pulsation

EEG : Electroencephalogram

EIA : Exercise induced asthma

ETT : Exercise tolerance test

EMG : Electromyography

ENT : Ear, nose and throat

EOR : End of range

Ep : Epilepsy

EPAP : Expiratory positive airway pressure

EPP : Equal pressure points

ERCP : Endoscopic retrograde, cholangio pancreatography

ERV : Expiratory reserve volume

ESR : Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

ESRF : End stage renal failure

ETCO2 : End-tidal carbon dioxide

ETT : Endotracheal tube

EUA : Examination under anesthetic


F – Medical Abbreviations

FB : Foreign body

FBC : Full blood count

FDP : Fibrin degradation product

FET : Forced expiration product

FEV1 : Forced expiratory volume in 1 second

FFD : Fixed flexion deformity

FG : French gauge

FGF : Fibroblast growth factor

FH : Family history

FHF : Fulminating hepatic failure

FiO2 : Fractional inspired oxygen concentration

FRC : Functional residual capacity

FROM : Full range of movement
Ft Feet

FVC : Forced vital capacity

FWB : Full weight bearing


G – Medical Abbreviations

G : Gram

GA : General anesthetic

Gaw : Airway conductance

GBS : Guillain-Barré syndrome

GCS : Glasgow coma scale

GH : General health

GI : Gastrointestinal

GIT : Gastrointestinal tract

GOR : Gastroesophageal reflux

GPB : Glossopharyngeal breathing

GTN : Glycerol trinitrate

GU : Gastric ulcer/genitourinary


H – Medical Abbreviations

H+ : Hydrogen ion

H2 : Hydrogen

HASO : Hip abduction spinal orthosis

Hb : Hemoglobin

HC : Head circumference

Hct : Hematocrit

HD : Hemodialysis

HDU : High dependency unit

HF : Heart failure

HFCWO : High frequency chest wall oscillation

HFJV : High frequency jet ventilation

HFO : High frequency oscillation

HFOV : High frequency oscillatory ventilation

HFPPV : High frequency positive pressure ventilation

HFV : High frequency ventilation

HH : Hiatus hernia/home help
HI : Head injury

HIV : Human immunodeficiency virus

HLA : Human leukocyte antigenHLT Heart-lung transplantation

HME : Heat and moisture exchanger

HPC : History of presenting condition

HPOA : Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy

HR : Heart rate

HRR : Heart rates reserve

HT : Hypertension

Hz : Hertz


I – Medical Abbreviations

IABP : Intra-aortic balloon pump

IBS : Irritable bowel syndrome

IC : Inspiratory capacity

ICC : Intercostal catheter

ICD : Intercostal drain

ICP : Intracranial pressure

ICU : Intensive care unit

IDC : Indwelling catheter

IDDM : Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

IF : Interferential therapy

Ig : Immunoglobulin

IHD : Ischemic heart disease

ILD : Interstitial lung disease

IM : Intramedullary

IM/im : Intramuscular

IMA : Internal mammary artery

IMV : Intermittent mandatory ventilation

INH : Inhalation

INR : International normalized ratio

IPAP : Inspiratory positive airway pressure

IPPB : Intermittent positive pressure breathing

IPPV : Intermittent positive pressure ventilation

IPS : Inspiratory pressure support

IRQ : Inner range quadriceps

IRV : Inspiratory reverse volume

IS : Incentive spirometry

ITU : Intensive therapy unit

IV/i.v. : Intravenous

IVB : Intervertebral block

IVC : Inferior vena cava

IVH : Intraventricular hemorrhage

IVI : Intravenous infusion

IVOX : Intravenacaval oxygenation

IVUS : Intravenacaval ultrasound


J – Medical Abbreviations

J : Joule

JVP : Jugular venous pressure


K – Medical Abbreviations

KAFO : Knee ankle foot orthosis

KCO Transfer coefficient

KO : Knee orthosis

KPa : Kilopascal


L – Medical Abbreviations

LA : Local anesthetic

LAP : Left atrial pressure

LBBB : Left bundle branch block

LBP : Low back pain

LCL : Lateral collateral ligament

LDL : Low density lipoprotein

LED : Light emitting diode

LFA : Low friction arthroplasty

LFT : Liver function test/lung function test

LFT × 2 : Lung or liver function test

LL : Lower limb/lower lobe

LOC : Level of consciousness

LP : Lumbar puncture

LRTD : Lower respiratory tract disease

LSCS :Lower segment cesarean section

LTOT : Long-term oxygen therapy

LVAD : Left ventricular assist device

LVEF : Left ventricular ejection fraction

LVF : Left ventricular failure

LVRS :Lung volume reduction surgery


M – Medical Abbreviations

M : Meter

MAOI : Monoamine oxidase inhibitor

MAP : Mean airway pressure/mean arterial pressure

MAS : Minimal access surgery

MC and S : Microbiology, culture and sensitivity

MCH : Mean corpuscular hemoglobin

MCL : Medical collateral ligament

MCV : Mean corpuscular volume

MDI : Multidisciplinary team

MDI : Metered dose inhaler

ME : Metabolic equivalents/myalgicencephalomyelitis

MEFV : Maximum expiratory flow volume

METs : Metabolic equivalents

MHz : Megahertz

MI : Myocardial infraction

MIFV : Maximum inspiratory flow volume

ML : Middle lobe

MM : Muscle

MMAD : Mass median aerodynamic diameter

mmHg : Millimeter of mercury

MMV : Mandatory minute volume

MND : Motor neuron disease

MOW : Meals on wheels

Mph : Miles per hour

MRI : Magnetic resonance imaging

MRSA : Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus

Ms : Millisecond

MS : Mitral stenosis/multiple sclerosis

MSU : Midstream urine

MUA : Manipulation under anesthetic

MV : Minute volume

MVO2 : Myocardial oxygen consumption

MVR : Mitral valve replacement

MVV : Maximum voluntary ventilation

MWM : Mobilization with movement


N – Medical Abbreviations

N/S : Nursing staff

NAD : Nothing abnormal detected

NAG : Natural apophyseal glide

NAI : Non-accidental injury

NBI : No bony injury

NBL : Non-directed bronchial lavage

NBM : Nil by mouth

NCPAP : Nasal continuous positive airwaypressure

NEEP : Negative end expiratory pressure

NEPV : Negative extra-thoracic pressure ventilation

NFR : Note for resuscitation

NG : Nasogastric

NH : Nursing home

NICU : Neonatal intensive care unit

NIDDM : Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

NIPPV : Non-invasive intermittent positive pressure ventilation

NITU : Neonatal intensive care unit

NIV : Non-invasive ventilation

Nm : Nanometer

Nmol : Nanomole

NMR : Nuclear magnetic resonance

NO : Nitric oxide

NOF : Neck of femur

NOH : Neck of humerus

NP : Nasopharyngeal

NPA : Nasopharyngeal airway

NPV : Negative pressure ventilation

NR : Nodal rhythm

NREM : Non-rapid eye movement

NSAID : Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

NSR : Normal sinus rhythm

NWB : Non-weight bearing


O – Medical Abbreviations

O/E : On examination

O2 : Oxygen

OA : Oral airway/osteoarthritis

OB : Obliterative bronchiolitis

Occ : Occasional

OD : Over dose

Oe : Objective examination

OGD : Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy

OHFO : Oral high-frequency oscillation

Oi : Oxygen index

°JACCOL : No jaundice, anemia, clubbing, cyanosis, edema

°LKKS : No liver, kidney, kidney, spleen

OLT : Orthotopic liver transplantation

OPD : Outpatient department

ORIF : Open reduction and internal fixation

OT : Occupational therapist


P – Medical Abbreviations

PR : Per rectum

PA : Posteroanterior

PA : Pernicious anemia/postero anterior/pulmonary artery

PACO2 Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in alveolar gas

PaCO2 : Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in arterial blood

PADL : Personal activities of daily living

PAIVM : Passive accessory intervertebral movement

PAO2 : Partial pressure of oxygen in alveolar gas

PaO2 : Partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood

PAP : Pulmonary artery pressure

PAWP : Pulmonary artery wedge pressure

PBC : Primary biliary cirrhosis

PC : Presenting condition/pressure control

PCA : Patient-controlled analgesia

PCD : Primary ciliary dyskinesia

PCIRV : Pressure-controlled inverted ratio ventilation

PCP : Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

PCPAP : Periodic continuous positive airway pressure

PCV : Packed cell volume

PCWP : Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure

PD : Parkinson’s disease/peritoneal dialysis/postural drainage

PDA : Patent ductus arteriosus

PE : Pulmonary embolus

PEEP : Positive end expiratory pressure

PEF : Peak expiratory flow

PEFR : Peak expiratory flow rate

PEG : Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

PeMax : Peak expiratory mouth pressure

PEME : Pulsed electromagnetic energy

PEP : Positive expiratory pressure

PERLA : Pupils equal and reactive to light and accommodation

PFC : Persistent fetal circulation

PFO : Persistent foramen ovale

PFY : Patellofemoral joint

PHC : Pulmonary hypertension crisis

PID : Pelvic inflammatory disease

PIE : Pulmonary interstitial emphysema

PIF : Peak inspiratory flow

PIFR : Peak inspiratory flow rate
Pimax Peak inspiratory mouth pressure

PIP : Peak inspiratory pressure

PMH : Previous medical history

PMR : Percutaneous myocardial revascularization

PN : Percussion note

PND : Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea

POMR : Problem-oriented medical record
POP : Plaster of Paris

PPIVM : Passive physiological intervertebral movement

PROM : Passive range of movement

PS : Pressure support/pulmonary stenosis

PTB : Pulmonary tuberculosis

PTCA : Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

PTFE : Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTT : Partial thromboplastin time

PU : Passed urine

PVC : Polyvinyl chloride

PVD : Peripheral vascular disease

PVH : Periventricular hemorrhage

PVL : Periventricular leukomalacia

PVR : Pulmonary vascular resistance

PWB : Partial weight-bearing

Px : Prescribing


Q – Medical Abbreviations

QOL : Quality of Life


R – Medical Abbreviations

R/O : Removal of

RA : Rheumatoid arthritis/room air

RAP : Right atrial pressure

Raw : Airway resistance

RBBB : Right bundle-branch block

RBC : Red blood cell

RDS : Respiratory distress syndrome

REM : Rapid eye movement

RFT : Respiratory function test

RH : Residential home

RhF : Rheumatic home

RIP : Rest in peace

RMT : Respiratory muscle training

ROM : Range of movement

ROP : Retinopathy of prematurity

RPE : Rating of perceived exertion

RPP : Rate pressure product

RR : Respiratory rate

RS : Respiratory system

RSV : Respiratory syncytial virus

RTA : Road traffic accident

RV : Residual volume

RVF : Right ventricular failure


S – Medical Abbreviations

SC : Subcuticular

SA : Sinoatrial

SAB : Subacromial bursa

SAH : Subarachnoid hemorrhage

SALT : Speech and language therapist

SaO2 : Arterial oxygen saturation

SB : Sinus bradycardia

SBE : Subacute bacterial endocarditis

SCI : Spinal cord injury

SDH : Subdural hematoma

SFL/SFR : Side flex left/right

SGAW : Specific airway conductance

SH : Social history

SHO : Senior house officer

SIJ : Sacroiliac joint

SIMV : Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

SL : Sublingual

SLAP : Superior labrum, anterior and posterior

SLE : Systemic lupus erythematosus

SMA : Spinal muscular atrophy

SN : Swedish nose

SNAG : Sustained natural apophyseal glide

SOA : Swelling of ankle

SOB : Shortness of breath

SOBAR : Short of breath at rest

SOBOE : Short of breath on exertion

SOOB : Sit out of bed

SpO2 : Pulse oximetry arterial oxygen saturation

SpR : Special registrar

SPS : Single point stick

SR : Sinus rhythms

SRAW : Specific airway resistance

SS : Social services

ST : Sinus tachycardia

SUF (c) : E Slipped upper femoral (capital) epiphysis

SV : Self-ventilating

SVC : Superior vena cava

SVD : Spontaneous vaginal delivery

SVG : Saphenous vein graft

SVO2 : Mixed venous oxygen saturation

SVR : Systemic vascular resistance

SVT : Supraventricular tachycardia

SW : Social worker

SWT : Shuttle walk test


T – Medical Abbreviations

T21 : Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome)

TA : Tendon of Achilles

TAA : Thoracic aortic aneurysm

TAH : Total abdominal hysterectomy

TAR : Total ankle replacement

TATT : Tired all the time

TAVR : Tissue atrial valve repair

TB : tuberculosis

TBI : Traumatic brain injury

TCCO2 : Transcutaneous carbon dioxide

TCO2 : Transcutaneous oxygen

TED : Thromboembolic deterrent

TEE : Thoracic expansion exercises

TENS : Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

TFA : Transfemoral arteriogram

TFT : Thyroid function test

TGA : Transposition of great arteries

TGV : Thoracic gas volume

THR : Total hip replacement

TIA : Transient ischemic attack

TKA : Through knee amputation

TKR : Total knee replacement

TLC : Total lung capacity

TLCO : Carbon monoxide transfer factor

TLCO : Transfer factor in lung of carbon

TLSO : Thoracolumbar spinal orthosis

TM : Tracheostomy mask

TMR : Transmyocardial revascularization

TMVR : Tissue mitral valve repair

TOP : Termination of pregnancy

TPN : Total parenteral nutrition

TPR : Temperature, pulse and respiration

TTO : To take out

TURBT : Transurethral resection of bladder tumor

TURP : Trans urethral resection of prostate

TV : Tidal volume

TWB : Touch weight-bearing

Tx : Transplant


U – Medical Abbreviations

U and E : Urea and electrolytes

UAO : Upper airway obstruction

UAS : Upper abdominal surgery

UL : Upper limb/upper lobe

mm : Micrometer

URTI : Upper respiratory tract infection

ms : Microsecond

USS : Ultrasound scan

UTI : Urinary tract infection


V – Medical Abbreviations

V : Ventilation

V/p : shunt Ventricular peritoneal shunt

V/Q : Ventilation-perfusion ratio

VA : Alveolar ventilation/alveolar volume

VAD : Ventricular assist device

VAS : Visual analog scale

VATS : Video-assisted thoracoscopy surgery

VBG : Venous blood gas

VC : Vital capacity/volume control

VE : Minute ventilation

VE : Ventricular ectopics

VEGF : Vascular endothelial growth factor

VER : Visual evoked response

VF : Ventricular fibrillation/vocal

VR : Vocal response

VRE : Vancomycin-resistance

VSD : Ventricular septal defect

VT : Ventricular tachycardia

Vt : Tidal volume


W – Medical Abbreviations

W : Watt

W/R : Ward round

WBC : White blood count

WCC : White cell count

WOB : Work of breathing


Z – Medical Abbreviations

ZEEP : Zero end expiratory pressure


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