Abdomen Competency – Topic: Anterior abdominal wall Number of competencies: (7) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN44.1 Describe & demonstrate the Planes (transpyloric, transtubercular, subcostal, lateral vertical, linea alba, linea semilunaris), regions & Quadrants of abdomen K/S SH Y
AN44.2 Describe & identify the Fascia, nerves & blood vessels of anterior abdominal wall K/S SH Y
AN44.3 Describe the formation of rectus sheath and its contents K KH Y
AN44.4 Describe & demonstrate extent, boundaries, contents of Inguinal canal including Hesselbach’s triangle. K/S SH Y
AN44.5 Explain the anatomical basis of inguinal hernia. K KH Y
AN44.6 Describe & demonstrate attachments of muscles of anterior abdominal wall K/S SH Y
AN44.7 Enumerate common Abdominal incisions K KH N

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