Abdomen Competency – Topic: Pelvic wall and viscera Number of competencies: (8) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN48.1 Describe & identify the muscles of Pelvic diaphragm K/S SH Y
AN48.2 Describe & demonstrate the (position, features, important peritoneal and other relations, blood supply, nerve supply, lymphatic drainage and clinical aspects of) important male & female pelvic viscera K/S SH Y
AN48.3 Describe & demonstrate the origin, course, important relations and branches of internal iliac artery K/S SH Y
AN48.4 Describe the branches of sacral plexus K KH Y
AN48.5 Explain the anatomical basis of suprapubic cystostomy, Urinary obstruction in benign prostatic hypertrophy, Retroverted uterus, Prolapse uterus, Internal and external haemorrhoids, Anal fistula, Vasectomy, Tubal pregnancy & Tubal ligation K KH N
AN48.6 Describe the neurological basis of Automatic bladder K KH N
AN48.7 Mention the lobes involved in benign prostatic hypertrophy & prostatic cancer K KH N
AN48.8 Mention the structures palpable during vaginal & rectal examination K KH N

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