Can I Pass Physiology With D

Can I Pass Physiology With D?

The answer to this question will depend largely on which college you attend and who your professor is. The truth is that there are some colleges and some professors who will consider a D a passing grade.

This is not true for every college and not true for every professor. The real answer to this question for you will have to come from someone in the administration of your school.

Now, that is the technical side of this question. We have answered the nitty gritty for you, but here is our real opinion on the matter. Can you pass Physiology with a D? No! We feel that Physiology is such an important piece of the medical education puzzle that anything less than a B should require a second look into the things you didn’t understand well in the class.

Our suggestion is that you see anything C and lower in your Physiology and Anatomy classes as a failing grade and FORCE yourself to take them again. 

Your school might be willing to let you sneak by with a lower grade and your professor might even encourage you to cut your losses and move on- but if you are really truly serious about being successful in any career that requires a Physiology or Anatomy class, then you should take this class seriously.

Physiology provides for you the building block for all the other classes you will be taking and creates the framework for all the other information and skills you will be required to master. If you foundation is weak, your further progress in your chosen field will be hindered, and you will start kicking yourself in the tender spot for letting yourself be congratulated on ‘passing’ with a D grade.

Of course, this is only an opinion. Repeating a course will stretch out your education time and may push back your graduation date a bit. You will also find yourself getting discouraged and bored in a class you have already taken.

Embarrassment might be another thing you will have to deal with as other students see you repeating a class they passed. Push that all aside and take a long look at the benefits you will receive from really dedicating yourself to your education.

We are certain that whatever sacrifices you have to make here at the beginning of your educational road will be worth it in the end when other skills come easily. If you ‘pass’ Physiology with a D grade, then there is a lot in that class that you missed and are leaving behind.

That means in your next class, you will have to learn all those things your didn’t master ON TOP of all the new information that will be thrown your way. Don’t let that happen. Don’t accept less than your best. Don’t consider a D in Physiology a passing grade, even if your school claims it is. Do yourself a favor, and make your foundation sure.

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