Hello, This is a post about Dermatomes. Which are very useful in clinically for diagnosis of particular disease. 

So, here we discuss further about dermatomes 

    What is Dermatomes ?

    Dermatomes is a Particular are of the skin which pare mainly supply by single nerve root.

    Why Dermatomes are Clinically Useful ?

    It is useful for localised nerve lession any affection. Such a disease like Rediculopathy.

    There Are 8 Cervical Nerve, 12 Thoracic Nerve, 5 lumbar Nerve, 5 Sacral Nerve.

    Note :- C1 nerve root not supply any Area of the skin 

    This Spinal nerve classified in to 5 group according to Regions of the Body

    Dermatomes Diagram :-

    C2 to C4 :- Supply to skin of the neck 

    C5 to T1 :- Supply to skin of the arm 

    T2 to T4 :- Supply to skin of the Chest and Abdomen

    L3 to S1 :- supply to the skin of Leg 

    S1 to S4 :- Supply to the skin of Groin 

    Cervical Nerves and Their Dermatomes :- 

    C2 : the base of the skull, behind the ear

    C3 : the back of the head and the upper neck

    C4 : the lower neck and upper shoulder

    C5 : the upper shoulders and the two collarbones

    C6 : the upper forearms and the thumbs and index fingers

    C7 : the upper back, backs of the arms, and middle fingers

    C8 : the upper back, inner arms, and ring and pinky fingers

    Thoracic Nerves and Their Dermatomes :- 

    T1 : the upper chest and back and upper forearm

    T2, T3, and T4 : the upper chest and back

    T5, T6, and T7 : the mid-chest and back

    T8 and T9 : the upper abdomen and mid-back

    T10 : the midline of the abdomen and the mid-back

    T11 and T12 : the lower abdomen and mid-back

    Lumbar Nerves and Their Dermatomes :- 

    L1 : the groin, upper hips, and lower back

    L2 : the lower back, hips, and tops of the inner thighs

    L3 : the lower back, inner thighs, and inner legs just below the knees

    L4 : the backs of the knees, inner sections of the lower legs, and the heels

    L5 : the tops of the feet and the fronts of the lower legs

    Sacral Nerves and Their Dermatomes :- 

    S1 : the lower back, buttocks, backs of the legs, and outer toes

    S2 : the buttocks, genitals, backs of the legs, and heels

    S3 : the buttocks and genitals

    S4 and S5 : the buttocks

    Coccyx nerve root supply to area of coccyx bone.

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