Embryology Competency – Topic: Fetal membranes Number of competencies: (7) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN80.1 Describe formation, functions & fate of-chorion: amnion; yolk sac; allantois & decidua K KH Y
AN80.2 Describe formation & structure of umbilical cord K KH Y
AN80.3 Describe formation of placenta, its physiological functions, foetomaternal circulation & placental barrier K KH Y
AN80.4 Describe embryological basis of twinning in monozygotic & dizygotic twins K KH Y
AN80.5 Describe role of placental hormones in uterine growth & parturition K KH Y
AN80.6 Explain embryological basis of estimation of fetal age. K KH N
AN80.7 Describe various types of umbilical cord attachments K KH N

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