Femoral Nerve

 Femoral Nerve Anatomy 

Femoral nerve

Femoral Nerve | Femoral Nerve Course, Branches, Muscle Supply, Test & Palsy

Femoral Nerve is largest branch of lumbar plexus. It is chief Nerve of anterior compartment of thigh.

Root value of femoral Nerve :-

Root value of Femoral Nerve L2, L3, L4

Course of Femoral Nerve

Femoral Nerve Origin from dorsal division of anterior rami of L2, L3, L4 spinal nerve.

It emerges from the lateral border of Psoas major and go downwards

It pass deep to inguinal ligament and enter in femoral triangle lateral to femoral artery

Below inguinal ligament it Divided into two division

1. Anterior Division
2. Posterior Division

Femoral nerve

Branches of femoral nerve are :-

From the main trunk :- 
  • supply to iliacus & pectineus
  • few vascular branches. 

  • From anterior division: – 
  • Intermediate femoral cutaneous nerve (intermediate cutaneous nerve of thigh)
  • medial femoral cutaneous nerve (medial cutaneous nerve of thigh) 
  • muscular branch to sartorius

From posterior division: – 
  • Saphenous nerve
  • nerve supply to 
  • quadriceps femoris (rectus femoris
  • vastus medialis, 
  • vastus lateralis
  • vastus intermedius

Articular supply: – 
  • Hip joint is supplied by nerve to rectus femoris
  • knee joint is supplied by nerve to three vastus

Saphenous branch of femoral Nerve :- 

Saphenous Nerve is the longest cutaneous nerve. 

It runs with the great saphenous vein in front of medial malleolus and supply to skin of anteromedial aspect of leg and medial border of foot.

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