General Anatomy Competency – Topic: General features of the cardiovascular system

AN5.1 Differentiate between blood vascular and lymphatic system K KH Physiology
AN5.2 Differentiate between pulmonary and systemic circulation K KH Physiology
AN5.3 List general differences between arteries & veins K KH
AN5.4 Explain functional difference between elastic, muscular arteries and arterioles K KH
AN5.5 Describe portal system giving examples K KH
AN5.6 Describe the concept of anastomoses and collateral circulation with significance of end-arteries K KH General Medicine Physiology
AN5.7 Explain function of meta-arterioles, precapillary sphincters, arterio-venous anastomoses K KH Physiology
AN5.8 Define thrombosis, infarction & aneurysm K KH Pathology Physiology

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