General Anatomy Competency – Topic: Introduction to the nervous system

AN7.1 Describe general plan of nervous system with components of central, peripheral & autonomic nervous systems K KH
AN7.2 List components of nervous tissue and their functions K KH Physiology
AN7.3 Describe parts of a neuron and classify them based on number of neurites, size & function K KH Physiology
AN7.4 Describe structure of a typical spinal nerve K KH
AN7.5 Describe principles of sensory and motor innervation of muscles K KH General Medicine Physiology
AN7.6 Describe concept of loss of innervation of a muscle with its applied anatomy K KH
General Medicine
AN7.7 Describe various type of synapse K KH Physiology
AN7.8 Describe differences between sympathetic and spinal ganglia K KH

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