Head & Neck Competency – Topic: Deep structures in the neck Number of competencies: (10) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN35.1 Describe the parts, extent, attachments, modifications of deep cervical fascia K KH Y
AN35.2 Describe & demonstrate location, parts, borders, surfaces, relations & blood supply of thyroid gland K/S SH Y
AN35.3 Demonstrate & describe the origin, parts, course & branches subclavian artery K/S SH Y
AN35.4 Describe & demonstrate origin, course, relations, tributaries and termination of internal jugular & brachiocephalic veins K/S SH Y
AN35.5 Describe and demonstrate extent, drainage & applied anatomy of cervical lymph nodes K/S SH Y
AN35.6 Describe and demonstrate the extent, formation, relation & branches of cervical sympathetic chain K/S SH Y
AN35.7 Describe the course and branches of IX, X, XI & XII nerve in the neck K KH Y
AN35.8 Describe the anatomically relevant clinical features of Thyroid swellings K KH N
AN35.9 Describe the clinical features of compression of subclavian artery and lower trunk of brachial plexus by cervical rib K KH N
AN35.10 Describe the fascial spaces of neck K KH N

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