Head & Neck Competency – Topic: Face & parotid region Number of competencies: (10) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN28.1 Describe & demonstrate muscles of facial expression and their nerve supply K/S SH Y
AN28.2 Describe sensory innervation of face K KH Y
AN28.3 Describe & demonstrate origin /formation, course, branches /tributaries of facial vessels K/S SH Y
AN28.4 Describe & demonstrate branches of facial nerve with distribution K/S SH Y
AN28.5 Describe cervical lymph nodes and lymphatic drainage of head, face and neck K KH Y
AN28.6 Identify superficial muscles of face, their nerve supply and actions K/S SH Y
AN28.7 Explain the anatomical basis of facial nerve palsy K KH Y
AN28.8 Explain surgical importance of deep facial vein K KH Y
AN28.9 Describe & demonstrate the parts, borders, surfaces, contents, relations and nerve supply of parotid gland with course of its duct and surgical importance K/S SH Y
AN28.10 Explain the anatomical basis of Frey’s syndrome K KH N

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