Head & Neck Competency – Topic: Skull osteology Number of competencies: (7) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN26.1 Demonstrate anatomical position of skull, Identify and locate individual skull bones in skull K/S SH Y
AN26.2 Describe the features of norma frontalis, verticalis, occipitalis, lateralis and basalis K/S SH Y
AN26.3 Describe cranial cavity, its subdivisions, foramina and structures passing through them K/S SH Y
AN26.4 Describe morphological features of mandible K/S SH Y
AN26.5 Describe features of typical and atypical cervical vertebrae (atlas and axis) K/S SH Y
AN26.6 Explain the concept of bones that ossify in membrane K KH N
AN26.7 Describe the features of the 7th cervical vertebra K/S SH N

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