How Do I Retain All Information I Learn In Physiology

How Do I Retain All Information I Learn In Physiology ?

This is a huge question, and we are not at all surprised that it is asked enough to and itself on our Frequently Asked Question page.

With that huge mountain of terminology, graphs, labels and diagrams you are supposed to know to pass Physiology, how in the world can you internalize all of it?

Here are some tips you can try to retain all the Physiology information you learn during your studies.

Don’t Cram For the Tests: 

Avoid that bad habit like the plague. If you cram study the night before a test, you might maybe pass that test, but it is almost certain all that information wil leak out as you start replacing it with new stuff. You don’t want to replace it, you want to ADD to it. You want it to stay there and lodge a happy residence in your skull. To do this, you have to study consistently and not rely on cram sessions and all nighters before quizzes and tests.

Write Down Information You Will Be Tested On: 

Ass you read, write down the things you know you need to remember. Writing it down adds an extra dimension of retention. It goes beyond reading and takes it to the next level.
Quiz Yourself: Use study guides, quizzes from online, old tests, or even make up your own tests and quiz yourself. This will help you know what information has sunk in and can show you what areas need extra study time. It will also provide you with another visual and circumstantial memory connection which will help it stay in your head.

Review From the Beginning:

Almost all Physiology exams will be comprehensive. When you sit down to review, start from the beginning and go over everything in order. This will bring the old stuff to the forefront, and chances are- that old stuff will make the new stuff easier to understand. It all builds off each other- so use that in your studying.

Find Pictures: 

This can be in diagrams, photographs, sketches, comic, or whatever. As you go about memorizing the parts and processes of Physiology, connect them to pictures in your mind. If you have any artistic inclination at all, make your own pictures. This will give you even more experience and clues to use when trying to retrieve the information.

Ask Questions: 

There is no way you will understand everything that is thrown at you in this class all at once. 

If you have a question- ask it! The only way to get it solved and internalized is to understand it. You should ask your professor, but if that isn’t possible, try tutors, other students, another teacher, or even an online forum. 

Whatever you do, get the answers and make sure you understand the answers. Don’t let questions take up space in your brain and focus because that will hinder you ability to internalize and retain other Physiology information.

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