Lower Limb Competency – Topic: Knee joint, Anterior compartment of leg & dorsum of foot Number of competencies: (7) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN18.1 Describe and demonstrate major muscles of anterior compartment of leg with their attachment, nerve supply and actions K/S SH Y
AN18.2 Describe and demonstrate origin, course, relations, branches (or tributaries), termination of important nerves and vessels of anterior compartment of leg K/S SH Y
AN18.3 Explain the anatomical basis of foot drop K KH Y
AN18.4 Describe and demonstrate the type, articular surfaces, capsule, synovial membrane, ligaments, relations, movements and muscles involved, blood and nerve supply, bursae around the knee joint K/S SH Y
AN18.5 Explain the anatomical basis of locking and unlocking of the knee joint K KH Y
AN18.6 Describe knee joint injuries with its applied anatomy K KH N
AN18.7 Explain anatomical basis of Osteoarthritis K KH N

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