Lumbar Plexus Anatomy

 Anatomy of Lumbar Plexus 

Lumbar Plexus Formed by ventral rami of L1, L2, L3 and part of L4.

These rami of the Lumbar Plexus divide into Two Division 

  • 1. Dorsal Division
  • 2. Ventral Divisions.

From the ventral divisions of the Lumbar Plexus give rise to 

  • ilioinguinal (L1), 
  • genitofemoral (L1, L2), 
  • obturator(L2,L3, L4), 
  • accessory obturator (L3,L4) nerves.

The dorsal divisions of these rami of Lumbar Plexus give rise to 

  • lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh (L2, L3)
  • femoral nerve (L2,L3,L4)

Iliohypogastric contains fibres of both ventral and dorsal divisions (L1)

Lumbar Plexus Diagram

Lumbar Plexus

Lumbar Plexus

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