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Old question papers of university exams

Google slide- Preparing for anatomy Undergraduate exams in India

Reference document- chapters sequence, tips for final exam

Volume 4- Head & neck, neuroanatomy

chapter (1) introduction to head, neck, cns, cranial cavity, vertebral canal

Ch2- Cerebral cortex- external features, gray matter

chapter (3) Spinal cord- external features, ANS,PNS

chapter (4) Brainstem, functional components of cranial nerves, reticular formation

chapter (5) Diencephalon, 3rd ventricle

chapter (6) White matter of cerebrum, lateral ventricles

chapter (7) cerebellum, 4th ventricle

chapter (8) Tracts of spinal cord, Somatosensory and somatomotor pathways

chapter (9) – Lateral ventricles, Limbic system, 1st cranial nerve

Head Neck

Ch(11)-Orbit,Eyeball,Lid,Lacrimal apparatus,2,3,4,6 & opthalmic nerve

ch(12)Palate,Tongue, Mouth, pharynx, Nose, maxillary & mandibular nerve

chapter (13) – Larynx, thyroid, parathyroid, muscles of hyoid bone

chapter (14) – Ear, 8th cranial nerve

chapter (15) – deep cervical fascia, Salivary Glands, structures in norma temporalis

chapter (16) – Anterior and posterior triangles, 11th cranial nerve

chapter (17) – pre and para-vertebral muscles, cervical plexus

chapter (18) – Scalp, temple, face, 7th cranial nerve

chapter (19) – blood vessels of head neck

Part 2 of Ch(19)- blood supply of CNS

9,10,12 cranial nerves

Nose, para-nasal sinuses, pterygopalatine and ciliary ganglion

All custom figures of neurology book

Journal ppt-V4 only


Volume 3- Upper and lower limb


x mind charts for practicals-google drive folder link

ppt-Muscles only- for practical classes

Comparative figures- UL, LL (inc)



chapter (1) introduction to upper and lower limbs, and spaces of limbs

working-chapter (2) bones & joints of upper and lower limb(diagrams only)

chapter (3) pectoral and gluteal region

gross-axilla, brachial plexus, femoral triangle, adductor canal

chapter (4)thigh-medial side & back of thigh, popliteal fossa

chapter (4) arm -scapular region, front and back of arm

chapter (5) forearm and leg

chapter (6) hand and foot

chapter (7) nerves and vessels of limbs

chapter (8) histology and embryology relevant to limbs

Journal ppt-V3-only

Previous years work inc

Blood supply of limbs

Nerve plexuses of limbs, head neck-plexuses

Nerve supply of limbs, branches and course



Systemic embryology 

shmc 2019 IBS- body cavities and diaphragm

shmc 2020,22- systemic embryo, eye, ear

shmc 2020,22- systemic embryo- CVS, blood vessels,

shmc 2020- embryo- CVS, heart,

smcgh22- pharyngeal arches

shmc 2020,22-systemic embryo- face nose palate tongue thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, pineal

shmc 2020,22- systemic embryo- formation of body tissues 1-bone,skin,muscle

shmc 2020,22 systemic embryo-body cavities,diaphragm, GIT-0

Systemic embryology- development of urogenital system 2

Smcgh22- Nervous system development



chapter (8) Uro-genital system 1

chapter (7) Digestive system 1-GIT

chapter (7) Digestive system part 2-liver, spleen,  pancreas, rectum, analcanal

inc-blank- cut from ch7 above-      Gross-Lecture-Liver,extrahepatic biliary apparatus

chapter (9) large blood vessels of Thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum-Gross anatomy

chapter (9) large blood vessels of Thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum systemic embryology

chapter (5) Lungs & heart systemic embryology

chapter (5) Lungs & heart 1

chapter (4) mesothelial membranes, cavities

chapter (3) abdominal walls & inguinal region, thoracic wall

chapter (2) Osteology of thorax, abdomen, vertebral column overview

chapter (1) Overview of thorax and abdomen

Journal ppt-V2 only



(broken link) Practical- CVS

(broken link) Practical- Muscles General anatomy

Practical- bones joints General anatomy

FERTILIZATION, implantation, placenta initiation

Implantation, gastrulation, notochord formation

Histology Lecture -Glands

Histology Lecture-Epithelium

Medical genetics

ppt-general embryo part 1 General embryo part 2,  General embryo part 3

Structure of cell and relevant anatomy-introduction to embryology

Introduction to anatomy-subdivisions,systems,lines,planes,movements,lab posters

Anatomical terminologies-few textbook words and meanings

Journal ppt-V1 only



Foundation Course running ppt

sample posters for anatomy classroom

Journal ppt-blank slides(all pages V1 to V4)-only homework lines

anatomy journal all exercises together prints -27 pages excel

Illustrated guide to medical terminology

Medical terminology- a short course

anatomical terms large book part 1-300 mb

anatomical terms large book part 2-250 mb