Thorax Competency – Topic: Mediastinum Number of competencies: (7) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN23.1 Describe & demonstrate the external appearance, relations, blood supply, nerve supply,lymphatic drainage and applied anatomy of oesophagus K/S SH Y
AN23.2 Describe & demonstrate the extent, relations tributaries of thoracic duct and enumerate its applied anatomy K/S SH Y
AN23.3 Describe & demonstrate origin, course, relations, tributaries and termination of superior venacava, azygos, hemiazygos and accessory hemiazygos veins K/S SH Y
AN23.4 Mention the extent, branches and relations of arch of aorta & descending thoracic aorta K KH Y
AN23.5 Identify & Mention the location and extent of thoracic sympathetic chain K/S SH Y
AN23.6 Describe the splanchnic nerves K KH N
AN23.7 Mention the extent, relations and applied anatomy of lymphatic duct K KH Y

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