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Top Ten Anatomy Website – Medical Student Must Read

Anatomy is one of the hardest class for any college student to pass. The amount of information anatomy students have to be able to memorize and recall at a moment’s notice is incredible, and that is a feat that cannot be easily accomplished.

Fortunately, this is easier today than it has ever been before, not because the amount of information is decreasing, but because the study sources for anatomy out there are increasing. The ease with which you can find study resources to help you be successful in anatomy classes is amazing.

One of the best study sources we have found for anatomy classes are websites. These study tools can give you instant information, study tools, memorization games, and more. 

They can also get you connected with other students in your same line of study who need help you can offer, or who can offer you the help you need.

While there are literally thousands of anatomy websites out there to help students like you study, we have found what we think are the top ten anatomy websites on the internet.


Thiss anatomy website is amazing. You can study it like a text book that is understandable, quiz yourself on the areas of anatomy you need some extra work with, or you can even enjoy some games that can help you internalize all the information you need while enjoying yourself. 

If you want a good place to study anatomy that doesn’t have to feel like studying, then this is the anatomy website for you.

This anatomy website is not as entertaining as some of the others on this list, but it is set up in the style and order of most anatomy classes, which makes it easy for you to find the information you need at any given time. The information is detailed and well cited, so it can even be used in any research papers you may have to complete. 

Another benefit of this anatomy website is that it is something you can return to to bone up on any area of anatomy you may need while working in your chosen medical field.

This website doesn’t have everything you are looking for in one place, but it has lots of links to other websites with great resources. 

Everything is well marked and this is a very user friendly site to find specific learning and study tools you may need to be successful in your anatomy studies.

Wikipedia is becoming the go-to source for information on the web lately. Anatomy and physiology are not wasted subjects there. Type in any area of the anatomy you need information and charts on, and Wikipedia will find it for you! The draw back is that since technically anybody can alter information on the site, it is not a good source to cite for research papers. 

It is, however, very safe to trust if you just need to understand something you didn’t quite catch in class, or something you need different wording for. 
Wikipedia has so much variety, but we can almost one hundred percent assure that all the anatomy educational materials there are accurate.

This anatomy website is exactly what it sounds like. It is an internet based study guide for anatomy students. It is truly meant for anatomy students. This is shown by the fact that in addition to having a lot of useful information about all the parts of human anatomy, it also includes useful articles for study tips and class scheduling ideas. 

This is a great anatomy study resource you will definitely want to bookmark to reference from time to time easily.

This anatomy website is designed for those students who tend to learn best via visual images. This anatomy website is full of diagrams and interactive graphics that allow you to visualize the parts of the anatomy you have to memorize. 

This is a great tool to have if making a visual cue is the best way for you to learn. The graphics on this site are incredibly helpful and would have landed this anatomy website higher on the list if it had as much textual information as some of the other anatomy websites we have featured here.

This anatomy website was designed for the students at the University of Minnesota, but they have since opened it up for all students across the world to take advantage of. We love that it is sponsored by an actual college, as it means the information and the subject matter presented are meant to help students in an actual accredited program. 

Thee site has articles, games, quizzes, and excerpts from text books meant to make the task of passing anatomy a reality instead of a pipe dream.

This anatomy website has some amazing anatomy study guides that students can access. It can be printed off and followed or included with any of the study guides your current teacher has given. The makers of this anatomy website have even included some incredible images of actual anatomy parts from the acclaimed body world exhibit. 

Lookingg at the pictures of real cadavers is almost as good as working with an actual cadaver when the graphics are as well done as the ones on this site. While the information on this site is not as comprehensive as some of the others on this list of anatomy study websites, we still think a perusal through their anatomy study guides would be well worth your time.

Squidoo is a program that brings together articles of similar topics into one place. That makes it easy to sift through for information pertinent to you. 
Simply put in the search query the subject you need some extra information on, and you will be presented with a number of high quality articles meant to help you.

This anatomy website comes in at number ten not because it is less useful, but because it covers mostly the basic tenets of anatomy. This means that it is the perfect place to start when looking for information about anatomy on the web, and then you can build off of it to more in depth areas on some of these other sites listed.

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