Upper Limb Competency – Topic: General Features, Joints, radiographs & surface marking Number of competencies: (8) Number of procedures for certification: (NIL)

AN13.1 Describe and explain Fascia of upper limb and compartments, veins of upper limb and its lymphatic drainage K KH Y
AN13.2 Describe dermatomes of upper limb K KH N
AN13.3 Identify & describe the type, articular surfaces, capsule, synovial membrane, ligaments, relations, movements, blood and nerve supply of elbow joint, proximal and distal radio-ulnar joints, wrist joint & first carpometacarpal joint K/S SH Y
AN13.4 Describe Sternoclavicular joint, Acromioclavicular joint, Carpometacarpal joints & Metacarpophalangeal joint K KH N
AN13.5 Identify the bones and joints of upper limb seen in anteroposterior and lateral view radiographs of shoulder region, arm, elbow, forearm and hand K/S SH Y
AN13.6 Identify & demonstrate important bony landmarks of upper limb: Jugular notch, sternal angle, acromial angle, spine of the scapula, vertebral level of the medial end, Inferior angle of the scapula K/S SH Y
AN13.7 Identify & demonstrate surface projection of:
Cephalic and basilic vein, Palpation of Brachial artery, Radial artery, Testing of muscles: Trapezius, pectoralis major, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, deltoid, biceps brachii, Brachioradialis
AN13.8 Describe development of upper limb K KH N

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