What Are Some Good Tips For Physiology

Some Tips For Physiology Study 

There are a lot of study tips out there for passing hard classes like Physiology. What works for you will depend on a number of things like your level of expertise, the time you have to study, and your personal learning style.

Basically, what works for you may not work for other people, and what works for other people may not work for you.

We have listed here some of the best study tips we have found for passing Physiology. You will have to test some of the out and figure out what works best for you.

Come to Class

Most college courses do not require attendance. That is something that usually dies out with high school as the professors at the college level figure you are responsible to make your own decisions.

WE highly suggest you go to you Physiology class. Every time. Without fail. Going to class and hearing the lecture give you a good idea on what concepts you grasp well, and what areas you need extra study in. It will also maximize your time as study time will be the second time you have encountered the information, and that will make it easier to retain the information.

Join a Study Group

Two heads are better than one, and when it comes to studying- 4 or 5 can be invaluable. However, you should be choosy on who you let in your group. Allow people who add to your knowledge and pull their weight. If there is someone slowing the group down, you may need to ask them to move on.

Make Flash Cards

There are some great flash cards for Physiology out there for purchase, and you may even have some that were required for your class. We stand by the suggestion to MAKE them yourself. Not only will this give you a valuable study aid, but the process of making the cards and writing down the information will give you a more intensive process of internalizing the information.

Create Songs

Physiology is hard to pass because there is a lot of memorization involved. Music is a great mental cue for memorization- so class the stuff you have to memorize into specific categories, and then put those terms to music you know well. You can be as simplistic as Nursery rhymes, or more hip like pop songs. Whatever works for you!

Attend Additional Classes

Your lecture time is probably not the only time in the day or week your professor will be presenting your class information. If one time is not enough for the lecture information to sink in, go to an additional lecture time.

Purchase a Physiology E-Book
We know you have a text book for your class, but you can’t lug around that door stop everywhere you go. You can, however, transport your e-reader, i-touch, phone, or even lap top pretty easily.

If you invest in an E-book about Physiology then you will information ready to study at any time which can help you make the most of the down time you get while standing in lines or other things.

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