Hello everyone,
      Here we are going to discuss the concept of using e-learning as a predominant method in education systems across the globe. Myself and the founders of the concept belong to medical background, therefore our illustrations and discussions will primarily be based upon medical education; although the concept is by and large applicable to the entire learning management systems as a whole.
      As the era of new generation education system is rapidly and massively changing, we need to evolve ourselves to sync with the current ongoing changes, and our efforts are primarily directed for this vision. We visualize the entire idea as a global startup, collaborating with similar idea and like minded people and organizations and bring about the much awaited desired changes by paradigm shift in the system.

 To enhance medical education system in India, by modifying administration of newly developing institutions, we have proposed a comprehensive administration model as part of this global e learning project. It is discussed in details at http://mediwiki.co.in
      Please contribute your visions with us. We invite the readers to discuss and contribute their valuable inputs in this post and help in building a better interactive learning platform using great technological perspectives available. Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities. Please share your thoughts.
Canvass model is represented here:  http://goo.gl/lhYCnv
Slideshow of the concept is given here :