Teaching MBBS

Teaching MBBS

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shmc 2020- systemic embryo, eye, ear

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- CVS, blood vessels,

shmc 2020- embryo- CVS, heart,

shmc 2020-systemic embryo- face nose palate tongue thyroid

Shmc 2020- systemic embryo, pharyngeal arches, face, nose, palate, pharynx, larynx

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- skeletal & muscular system

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- formation of body tissues 1-bone,skin,muscle,neuro

shmc 2020 systemic embryo-Re-Gen embryo,body cavities,diaphragm, GIT-0

shmc 2019 IBS- body cavities and diaphragm

Systemic embryology- development of urogenital system 2

shmc 2020- Gross- Abdomen-Blood vessels

shmc 2020- Gross- Rectum, Anal canal

shmc 2020- Gross- Abdomen- Intestines

shmc2020-histo-Endocrine, neurology,special senses

shmc 2020- Histo-Reproductive systems

shmc2020-gross-reproductive systems

systemic histo- GIT 2

shmc 2020-Gross-thoracic duct,Rt lymhatic duct

systemic histo-Respiratory system,GIT1

shmc 2020 taken lectures

Illustrated guide to medical terminology

Medical terminology- a short course

anatomical terms large book part 1-300 mb

anatomical terms large book part 2-250 mb

For List of anatomy subject competencies by NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION- Click here