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Google Drive Folder-Histology practicals- full year lab materials


11)Systemic histo- Endocrine system

10)Systemic histo- Genito-urinary system

9) systemic histo- digestive system- 2

8) Systemic histo-digestive system -1    

7)Systemic histology- Respiratory system, oral cavity

6)Histology- Practical – Connective tissue, skin

5)Histology- Lymphoid tissue, CVS

4) Histology lecture-practical- Muscular system, nervous system

3)Histology- Practical – Cartilage 

3)Histology Lecture- cartilage

2)Histology Lecture (Glands)

2)Histology – Practical 2- Glands

1)Epithelium practical ppt

1)Epithelium lecture ppt

General organization of human body

Histology Introduction Lecture

Histology I B Singh textbook chapters links



//////////////General Embryology///////

Implantation, gastrulation, notochord formation

//////////////Systemic Embryology///////

heart systemic embryology

systemic embryo, eye, ear

systemic embryo- CVS, blood vessels,

pharyngeal arches

systemic embryo- face nose palate tongue thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, pineal

systemic embryo- formation of body tissues 1-bone,skin,muscle

systemic embryo-development of GIT

Systemic embryology- development of urogenital system

Nervous system development

systemic embryo, eye, ear

systemic embryo- CVS, blood vessels,

systemic embryo- CVS, heart,

systemic embryo- face nose palate tongue thyroid

systemic embryo, pharyngeal arches, face, nose, palate, pharynx, larynx

systemic embryo- skeletal & muscular system

systemic embryo- formation of body tissues 1-bone,skin,muscle,neuro

systemic embryo- IBS- body cavities and diaphragm

Systemic embryology- development of urogenital system 2


//////////////////Gross anatomy//////////////////


chapter (18) – Scalp, temple, face, 7th cranial nerve

Volume 4- neuroanatomy

chapter (1) introduction to head, neck, cns, cranial cavity, vertebral canal

Ch2- Cerebral cortex- external features, gray matter

chapter (3) Spinal cord- external features, ANS,PNS

chapter (4) Brainstem, functional components of cranial nerves, reticular formation

chapter (5) Diencephalon, 3rd ventricle

chapter (6) White matter of cerebrum, lateral ventricles

chapter (7) cerebellum, 4th ventricle

chapter (8) Tracts of spinal cord, Somatosensory and somatomotor pathways

chapter (9) – Lateral ventricles, Limbic system, 1st cranial nerve

Cranial nerves review-2,3,4,6 (working file inc)

Cranial nerves review- 9,10,11,12 (working file inc)

Cranial nerves review- 5,7 (working file inc)

Cranial nerves review- 1,11 (working file inc)



gross-general anatomy-Nervous system

gross-general anatomy-lymphatic system

Gross-General anatomy- skin

general anatomy-Introduction to anatomy & anatomical terminologies

Gross -Head neck- Subclavian aCh(19)blood vessels,veins,sinus,& lymphatics(pending) of head neck

(Broken link) Gross anatomy- Head neck- Submandibular gland, submandibular ganglion


Gross-Lecture-Diaphragm-Thorax, Abdomen + Embryo ref

gross-reproductive systems (FEMALE-inc)

Gross- Abdomen-Blood vessels

Gross- Rectum, Anal canal

Gross- Urinary bladder, Prostate, Urethra

Gross- Abdomen- Intestines

Gross-thoracic duct,Rt lymphatic duct

Gross -Blood supply of heart,clinical anatomy




Introduction, Foundation and miscellaneous beginning material

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Lecture-Smcgh23-Foundation course-cadaveric oath & Introduction to various competitive exams

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Illustrated guide to medical terminology

Medical terminology- a short course

anatomical terms large book part 1-300 mb

anatomical terms large book part 2-250 mb

For List of anatomy subject competencies by NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION- Click here


unclassified raw files-previous years