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raw-printed images in ppt 

Limbs preparing ppts

chapter (1) introduction to upper and lower limbs, and spaces of limbs
chapter (2) bones & joints of upper and lower limb
chapter (3) axilla, pectoral and gluteal region
chapter (4) arm and thigh
chapter (5) forearm and leg
chapter (6) hand and foot
chapter (7) nerves and vessels of limbs
chapter (8) histology and embryology relevant to limbs


z A3 size poster list

deleted file-for reuse of slides-IBS- body cavities and diaphragm

Gross- Bony pelvis- joints, ligaments, muscles, Perineum, Ischio-rectal fossa

BHMS practical journal – Drawings & Keys (Vol 1)

BHMS practical journal – Drawings & Keys (Vol 2)

BHMS practical journal – Drawings & Keys (Vol 3)

BHMS practical journal – Drawings & Keys (Vol 4)

Journal ppt-blank slides-only homework lines


shmc 2019 google drive folder- raw material


BHMS old batch links

avhns21-systemic embryo-skin,skeletal,muscular system

ppt- VISHRAM SINGH General embryology



shmc 2020- systemic embryo, eye, ear

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- CVS, blood vessels,

shmc 2020- embryo- CVS, heart,

shmc 2020-systemic embryo- face nose palate tongue thyroid

Shmc 2020- systemic embryo, pharyngeal arches, face, nose, palate, pharynx, larynx

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- skeletal & muscular system

shmc 2020- systemic embryo- formation of body tissues 1-bone,skin,muscle,neuro

shmc 2020 systemic embryo-Re-Gen embryo,body cavities,diaphragm, GIT-0

shmc 2019 IBS- body cavities and diaphragm

Systemic embryology- development of urogenital system 2

shmc 2020- Gross- Abdomen-Blood vessels

shmc 2020- Gross- Rectum, Anal canal

shmc 2020- Gross- Abdomen- Intestines

shmc2020-histo-Endocrine, neurology,special senses

shmc 2020- Histo-Reproductive systems

shmc2020-gross-reproductive systems

systemic histo- GIT 2

shmc 2020-Gross-thoracic duct,Rt lymphatic duct

systemic histo-Respiratory system,GIT1


WPSM_AC id=6144 – box bracket disabled- list below

shmc-2020-Gross -Blood supply of heart,clinical anatomy

shmc 2020-gen histo-Lymphoid tissue, cvs

shmc 2020-gen histo-muscle,nerve

Shmc 2020-Gross-UL- Hand-clinical anatomy

Hand-Spaces, synovial sheaths, palmar aponeurosis

cartilage & Bone – Histology

Glands- Histology

Musculo-cutaneous & radial nerve

Veins of Upper limb, cubital fossa


Brachial plexus

Radiology- General anatomy

Muscle innervation and applied aspects

Nervous system-General anatomy

Skin- General anatomy


anatomical terminologies

Tools folder from assi-anat all softwares windows


Model making competition for embryology

  • Key diagrams (common diagrams)
  • Milestone diagrams
  • Movement of tissues
  • Microscopic changes in tissues
  • Those animations which are not available on YouTube
  • Materials can be used as per convenience, e.g. paper, roti atta, mitti, rubber, plastic, metal, wax, 
  • Use of variety of coloring agents and fluids
  • Make list of material types against each diagram, and suggest in open discussion forum, ( to be reminded after embryology is almost over)

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