Philosophy behind emerging need of changing education system is best explained here :

While reading, students have to imagine various modes of structures at various angles. So it may happen that sometimes they get a wrong idea initially which later on hinders their future fundamentals in that particular topic. A full 3D animation will maintain continuity of the concept and subserve the purpose of actual thing getting grasped. It is an idea of developing series of 3D animations in computers and mobiles for the subjects, that’s HUMAN ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY.
Implications of this work

  • Study and teaching by medical students as a FAST AND QUICK READY REFERENCE 

  • Explaining very difficult, complex and much descriptive topics is virtually impossible without a good 3D animation. 

  • Research fellows who are busy with their work can use them as a ready test tool on the basis of probability, and they also saves their time for referring various books 

  • Creation of public awareness about general knowledge and pre-operative or pre-medical expenses 

  • Partial or complete replacement of physical papered books with e-data – saving a lot of trees. 

  • quick and customised search of any topic is possible with whole exact place and point of action. Again referring bigger reference books is saved. 

  • Surgeons in the operation theatre can run in big LCD screen the virtual steps and can quickly decide live for structures  coming across during surgery. 

  • During OPD, doctors can explain patients about disease and treatment more effectively and powerfully to educate patients and relatives.

And many more counting…!

Sample file can be seen in this pdf

Such a project of animation would require a lot of things like…

  • A perfect planning with timeline
  • Team of professionals involving those people whose fields are benefitted like doctors, media developers, marketing persons, fund raisers and sponsors, a fully dedicated infrastructure and subject
  • Experts to review every steps being developed, and
  • Market review persons to get full public response.

And many more counting…..!

 The idea has been discussed since a long time & I have started talking to persons in field and enrolling people in my vision’s possibilities. You are one of them in the mission while visiting this site.  Kindly hangout…


      Education system is rapidly evolving across the globe. Number of successful web portals are growing day by day. Government intends to establish up to one medical college per city in a long run. Government of India has also announced last year, to raise more 10,000 MBBS seats, to add after currently sanctioned 64000, summing up to 74000 (considering four years of MBBS, total students ranges from 2.56 lac to 2.96 lac, same can be applied to BAMS, BHMS etc. courses).
     All these students have no extra time to customize their notes and data.
Medical/paramedical courses are THE LEAST ACTIVE areas in e-learning domain.
E-learning start up can gather multiple hibernated techno-medical teachers and doctors, establish a thorough feedback mechanism into quality education in real time, ultimately improving health care system as a whole, by upgrading next generation of doctors.
  • Preparing framework of integrated syllabus, with cross linking of topics of various subjects 
  • Designing the standard IT protocols, into which a meshwork of integrated data fits.
  • Mixing and modifying global and local standard textbooks into scientifically and shortly explainable ways
  • Designing of syllabi considering appropriate digital file formats, like pdf, ppt, video, word, excel, and different platforms like windows, Linux, android, i-Os
  • Preparing allocated qualitative contents within provided time limits and uploading them under appropriate cross linked places
  • Managing and watching newly invented concepts and researches, and propose their integration into updates after approval
  • Monitoring round the clock feedbacks and user reviews, solving bugs, and updating the innovative suggestions after approval.


  • Short and sweet customizable e-notes readily available over most of gadgets 
  • Quick and ready searchable references at fingertips
  • Detailed log of activities automatically maintained and available whenever needed
  • 3D animations integrated whenever needed, will further enhance imagination and memory quality of human minds involved.
  • Plenty of innovative methods will ignite many newly learning minds for further innovative thoughts, which can become cyclic phenomenon to auto run the concept
  • Much amount of paper printing will be spared, thereby promoting green industry
  • Quick availability of data will facilitate quality of diagnostic and therapeutic services
  • Discovery of practically smart new gadgets from innovations learned will be possible.
  • Constant exposure to smart atmosphere will avoid boredom, one of the most important need for quality  learning.


Who are forming the PILLARS of the project ??

 Subject experts from medical field, specifically those connected with human anatomy and human embryology

  • Animation developers who are developing themselves in the field for opportunities, like undergraduate students of IT field and who are in search of topics for their projects

  • Established stackholders of animation institutes who wants to contribute society for this noble cause can guide the developers wherever they finds difficulties; in conjunction with subject experts 

  • The visionaries who have ultimate goals to revolutionize education field in terms of teaching methodology and ease of extreme two way communication

  • The marketing and media persons who want the real cream to serve to the society who is actually in need of it

  • Resource managers who want to contribute from their routine business, by re-allocating the fund, manpower and people in alignment of the ultimate vision/purpose of the project

  • The people of medical field who wants to ease their own current and upcoming education and also that of the future generations education

  • And many more counting …. !


  • This would goal to THE LARGEST INNOVATIVE EXECUTION in the history of medical education system
  • Medical council of India, and likewise other councils can use this model and may propose into mandatory guidelines in collaboration with traditional libraries and related learning resources requirements.
  • Such a startup can unite all private and government medical colleges, as well as coaching classes providers for competitive exams, ultimately working upon their mostly common beneficiaries under common hood.
  • This can become THE LARGEST e-RESOURCE POOL, AND e-FACULTY POOL for next generation of qualitative medical data.
  • It can make India compatible and synchronizing with upcoming global health education standards
  • It would explore THE LEAST/RELATIVELY LESS EXPLORED e-medical education system to fetch a new avenues of innovation into healthcare.