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GMERS MORBI- anatomy department- alloted LECTURES

salivary glands, masticatory muscles, mandibular nerve, maxillary artery, TM joint, Cervical sympathetic chain, subclavian artery, vertebral artery, cervical plexus, lymph nodes meninges, dural venous sinuses, internal carotid artery pre & para-vertebral muscles, sub-occipital triangle soft palate & palatine tonsils Pharynx External Ear, middle ear, Internal ear ***************** Brainstem, functional components of cranial nerves, reticular formation […]

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Useful NMC norms for medical colleges

TEQ 2022 for medical college nmc new norms for medical colleges-eng only aug 2023 gazette New GUJARAT ANATOMY ACT 2011-2014-with extraordinary gazette and annexure form Reference document- very old anatomical act gazette AETCOM MODULE BY NMC

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proposed drafts, recommendations, and latest gazette of bhms course – rules and regulations -2023 onwards & around

draft bill-Homoeopathy Degree Course – B.H.M.S. Regulations-2022 nch -national council for homoeopathy act -gazette 2020 MSR-Minimum standards requirement for Homoeopathic Colleges and attached Hospitals Regulations-2022 Public discussions NCH released Professional Conduct Ethics Etiquette and National Register Regulations 2022 Highlights of new MSR and BHMS regulations draft 2022 by NCH

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