Comptency based UG curriculum for medical graduates- New october 2018 MCI release-To be implemented from August 2019

This Document in pdf form available here is under copy right protection by MCI. The WORD FILE IS given here by following this law of MCI just for reference and use by different subject faculties individually for ease of preparing their local institutional level syllabus. It doesn’t intend to break the copyright law.
Citation of this document:
Medical Council of India, Competency based Undergraduate curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate, 2018. Vol. 1 to 3
Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum will be implemented from August 2019, i.e. MBBS batch admitted in first year.
Batches admitted and studying currently in MBBS shall continue with existing Curriculum.  
All volumes initial texts look similar. Change as per subjects happens after page 41 onwards.

Volume 0
Introduction, training and contributors pages isolated, Common in all three volumes

Volume 1
Competency based Undergraduate Curriculum in Pre-clinical and Para-clinical subjects      

Volume 2
Competency based Undergraduate Curriculum in Medicine and Allied subjects

Volume 3
Competency based Undergraduate Curriculum in Surgery and Allied subjects

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