Volume 1- Chapters and topics- general anatomy, general histology, general embryology

Vol 1- General
chapter (1) Introduction to anatomy and its subdivisions introduction of anatomy
Introduction to embryology
Anatomical Terminology
intro to anatomy, Radiological (Imaging) Anatomy
chapter (2) Structure of Cells and relevant anatomy Cell Structure
Cell Division and Gametogenesis
Introduction to histology
Fertilization, Formation of germ layers
Application of Embryology in medical genetics
Light Microscopy and tissue preparation
Medical Genetics (bhms-biochemistry)
chapter (3) General organization of human body Glands
Tissues of The Body
Architecture and Design of Human Body
General Connective Tissue
Formation of primitive Streak
Extraembryonic Membranes and twinning
chapter (4) muscular & Cardio-respiratory system Respiratory System
Muscular System
Cardiovascular System
chapter (5) Immune system, integumentary system, lymphoid system Skin and its Appendages
Integumentary System
Lymphatics and Lymphoid Tissue
Lymphatic System-Histology
Skin, Superficial Fascia and Deep Fascia
chapter (6) Endocrine system, digestive system Digestive and Respiratory Systems
Endocrine System
chapter (7) Genito-urinary system Reproductive System
Urogenital System
chapter (8) Genetics, medical imaging, embryology placenta, fetal membranes, twinning
Medical Genetics
Application of Embryology in clinical practice
chapter (9) Osteology, medical imaging, and arthrology Muscular System
Muscular System- bursa and synovial sheath
Vertebral Column
Cartilage histology
Bone, joints
introduction to Radiology

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